For the past decade, many churches have been saddled with high interest rate loans. The Development Company can assist in refinancing these loans at competitive rates and are here to assist churches and church families with finding ways to maximize the return on investments and increase the availability of operating cash flows.  What better way to celebrate successful missionary than to expand ministries and outreach into your communities? During the past three years, we have been able to help over thirty-five churches to increase their cash flow through obtaining a loan with DevCo. In 2016, we saved churches over $650,000. This action has been the stimulus in seeking to build the Kingdom of God.  Churches have been able to better recognize their potential by examining the resources and financial tools that can be enhanced through DevCo’s access to capital model.

As we are well aware, many churches find themselves struggling to meeting monthly expenses.  This struggle often results with churches painfully grappling with whether valued programs and cherished ministries must be cut from their budgets.  Such weighty and consequential decisions can be very stressful for both church administrators and church members alike. DevCo stands ready to assist in assessing your financial posture and options for strong solid financial health and for putting more funds into your church’s treasury.

Contact our team to discover if refinancing may be an option for your church.

Aldersgate Refinance Story


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