The Virginia United Methodist Development Company, LLC promotes the growth and development of The United Methodist Church by lending funds to creditworthy borrowers. These loans may include, but are not limited to, mortgage loans, renovation and construction loans, building and land acquisition loans, and other capital investment loans. We may also refinance existing debt of borrowers in circumstances where such refinancing would be consistent with our goals and be of benefit to the borrowers. We will make loans only to United Methodist churches, institutions, and other related organizations within Virginia, which may include retirement communities, colleges, and other affiliates of The United Methodist Church (the Borrowers). We may make direct loans to borrowers or participate with financial institutions or other not-for-profit corporations in making joint loans. Our Loan Committee will administer loan origination, negotiation, and compliance.

Projects for which loans are available:

  • New Facility Construction
  • Facilities Expansion Projects
  • Capital Improvement and/or Renovation of Existing Facilities
  • Building Purchase and/or Land Acquisition
  • Debt refinancing

A copy of the Offering Circular is available online.

For more information, contact us or click to download our current Loan Application.

Borrowers are required to follow procedures to authorize the purchase of property, construction or remodeling of buildings, and the borrowing of funds according to provisions found within the Book of Discipline.


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