Missional Investing

The Virginia United Methodist Development Company (“DevCo”) receives investments from United Methodist churches and individuals across the Virginia Conference. These investments earn excellent interest for the investors and are quickly loaned to churches for land acquisition, capital projects, building improvements and debt refinancing. DevCo has funded over $37M of loans helping churches to move forward with expanded ministry and mission, extending the hands of Christ.  These loans have impacted over 4,000 United Methodist church members, enhancing their ability to do missional outreach and service to the community.

DevCo acts as the conduit for this missional investingMethodists helping Methodists. Whether it involves building a new sanctuary, opening a preschool in an underserved community, renovating restrooms for ADA compliance, reducing debt service costs in order to allow the hiring of a Director of Christian Education or a multitude of other projects, DevCo is able to provide financing to move God’s kingdom forward.


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